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you already run a language-based business with positive reviews and satisfied clients, but your groups are not full and you believe you can help a lot more people on their language learning journey

you want you and your team focused on teaching people languages, instead of wasting enormous amounts of energy to find and pick the best marketing methods for attracting new people to your business

you want to stop constantly worrying about how you'll fill your next groups / cohorts / seminars / 1-on-1 classes, or any other type of arrangement that you’re offering

Why am I confident I can help your type of business specifically?

Because I have successfully done the same for other similar businesses - whether that involved languages, education, or other types of service-based business - where the focus is on long-term trust with your customers. And I can help your business achieve that too.First, I will create a step-by-step strategy for your offers. Then, I'll consult you and your team to keep you on the right path and get you results.For example: I consulted an English Language School with the following tips:➡️ how to differentiate themselves from other language education businesses, influencers, products, and services➡️ how to present the transformations they helped their past clients achieve➡️ the main reason why their volume of posts is crucial, and how to increase it with ease➡️ how to avoid filler words, platitudes, and generic information➡️ ways they can paint a clear picture in their followers’ heads of how their lives will improve after working with them➡️ how to make it extremely easy for their viewers to reach them➡️ why social media is the best advertising channel and what specific topics they should post on images, stories, reels, and videos➡️ what to do when an increased amount of people start showing interest➡️ best ways to leverage the positive feedback that they’re getting from active and happy clients➡️ what metrics they need to regularly track that guarantee successAnd I helped this specific business get results already after only one strategy session.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"I am truly thankful for how IVAN swooped in and gave up SO much to do to improve our school.He has made an immediate impact on us and I couldn't thank him enough.He stepped in and gave us a step by step plan, totally opening our eyes.We have already started and implemented things!It is obvious he has wisdom and experience, we are truly lucky to have met him.I hope for more cooperation in the near future."- Alex, Creative Director

Another membership-based service business I helped already knew how to gain attention.But this time, their bottleneck was the amount of value they were giving away, so the main focus of my strategy was to give people more value:➡️ how to give more valuable tips, more personal stories, audio files, videos, blog posts, free bundles, etc.➡️ how to increase the long-term trust between them and their audience➡️ how to share a lot upfront and just let the “snowball effect” come into play. Because the more they give - the more they will get back in the future, exponentially➡️ how to create “special bundles” that had the role of a lead magnet - which is a free material that attracts a solid portion of their audience➡️ how to create this material in a way that’s so valuable and enjoyable to them that they’ll gladly continue working with them, but this time as a paid member➡️ how to create waiting lists for people when their groups get full - so they never have to worry about where their next client is coming from

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"We met Ivan completely by accident, and he immediately won us over with his approach and energy.During our initial talk and demonstration of his service, we realized we were dealing with a responsible professional who takes his work seriously, which is one of the reasons we agreed on a collaboration.The plan and strategy were presented after a week.He pointed out some of the flaws in our business and gave us solutions at the same time, so we could correct them and bring our company to a higher level.We're going to fully dedicate ourselves to following the strategy and we believe it will pay off exponentially."- Nikolina & Ivan, Founders and Owners

I’ll give you one more example of a process I made that helped a business owner save time and get more applications.This was also for a service-based business focused on that strong relationship between a customer and their mentor.Their main struggle was finding the time to pick the best marketing tactics that get the needle moving forward for them.Marketing was a hassle for them, and they preferred just working with the clients and helping them improve their lives.I reached out to them because I believed in the power of the service they were selling, but I spotted a lot of room for improvement.So this is what I did:➡️ gave them a specific step by step plan that they should follow to acquire more clients➡️ coached each member of the team that was involved in their marketing and gave specific advice completely tailored to each person➡️ helped them with finding different topics, themes, and types of content they could easily make, because what they all had in common was the extremely low volume of the posts they were doing➡️ explained to them how to understand the profiles of their ideal client in detail, because their messaging used to be aimed at too broad of an audience➡️ gave them a specific formula that makes their posts more impactful, interesting, and straightforward - with the goal that the viewer reads and watches the entire post, after which they will go and sign up for their serviceMy tips helped them fill entire groups and break their personal records for getting engagements on promotions of their service on social media.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“ Mister Ivan Gogic approached the task absolutely professionally, and I praise his punctuality, precision, and conscientious execution of agreed obligations.A person easy to talk to, with a polished, decent, and unpretentious demeanor. With a thoughtful knowledge of the accepted work, he made an effort to understand more deeply the nature of our business.He solved the challenges of numerous programs, helped to see situations from another point of view, and with that improved and supported our work. Many thanks :)! ”- JASNA, FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR

When can we expect to see results in your business too?

You will get positive results already in the first month.Every business is different - so I won’t tell you it will take exactly 30 days, 4 weeks, or some other perfect number.Our goal is to fill your spots as soon as humanly possible. Why aim for 30 days if we can do it in 23?

What would our collaboration look like?

When we start working together, we can follow a timeline like this one to maximize our chances of success:✅ On day 1, I'll do detailed research about your specific industry and your direct competitors.✅ On day 2, I'll take a look behind the scenes of your business, and have a quick chat with you about key aspects of your service.✅ Then I’ll start creating a custom detailed marketing strategy that you can commit to.✅ I'll present you the strategy at an online meeting, preferably around four days later - so we have the entire game plan ready in the first week.✅ We will discuss it together and make any final tweaks if necessary. (and your other team members can join the meeting too.)✅ We’ll have a 1-hour consultation twice a week to discuss the progress we’re making.✅ Once we start getting more and more leads pouring in - I will advise you on how to onboard as many people as you can in a short amount of time.✅ Later on, we’ll create waiting lists for people who didn’t have the chance to come and join your groups.✅ Lastly, I'll give you a list of metrics you can track - to continuously acquire and retain happy clients.

Why did I decide to help
language education businesses?

Because I strongly believe in the power of learning languages - it opened many doors for me in my life.And I spent 4 years at a university studying multiple different languages after which I got a bachelor's degree in linguistics.So I know the ins and outs of how languages are learned. (and I’m actively learning one right now)I’m familiar with students' main challenges in the process of learning - and most importantly - what their biggest motivations are for studying a language.And that’s why I strongly believe I can help you and your business.

How do we know for certain that this will work?

The types of entrepreneurs that I’ve gotten results for are the ones who were immediately on the same page as me.They valued my advice, believed in the entire process, and stuck to it long enough to see results.If you don’t get results - it means we both wasted a bunch of time and energy by not seeing the obvious signs right from the start.Honestly, I also want to get you results to earn a great testimonial and a case study - that will help me further in my professional career - so I can keep growing because that’s who I am as a man.So I’d never pick a project that was never destined to be successful in the first place.

What are your other options?

If at this point you believe this is probably not for you right now - then it is not.Like I said before - the ones who got results using my methods were willing to hop on board straight away.And many different partnerships can help you acquire clients - employees, agencies, affiliates, etc.Feel free to go for those instead if that's what you’re looking for.But I encourage you to decide soon - because if you wait to improve your difficult situation, it will only get more difficult with time.

How you can talk to me:

If you believe that my process is exactly what you need to fill your groups, then click on the “book a call” button below,And I’ll have a chat with you to see how I can help your business.Keep in mind that I don’t work with everybody, so you need to already have a running business that involves languages.Also, for me to genuinely commit to this project, I need to be fully convinced that people are actually able to learn languages and have a great experience while using your service.So if you believe I can help you, then schedule a call by clicking the button below and I’ll talk to you very soon.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you work with businesses with no recurring revenue on a commission-only basis?
A: No.
Q: Do you create and design websites?
A: No.
Q: Do your strategies depend on AI and automation?
A: No.